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Adrian Henri, poet, 68

Thursday December 21 2:41 PM ET

Poet Adrian Henri dies in his beloved Liverpool 

LONDON (Reuters) - British poet and painter Adrian Henri, who made his
name in the 1960s as one of the ``Liverpool poets,'' has died at age 68
following a long illness, the city council said Thursday.

Drawing much of his inspiration from his home city, Henri was part of a
trio of poets -- along with Roger McGough and Brian Patten -- whose
depiction of popular culture in verse helped make poetry fashionable among
1960s youth.

Wednesday night, before news of his death, he was awarded the Freedom of
the City, an honorary title to recognize his contribution to Liverpool's
cultural scene.

Describing him as a ``key part of Liverpool's first cultural revolution in
the 1960s,'' Liverpool City Council said: ``Henri made a singular
contribution to the lifeblood of the city. He was a creative force in
Merseyside for more than 40 years.''

Monday, the poet received an honorary degree from Liverpool university.

Henri's career spanned everything from artist and poet to teacher, rock
and roll performer, playwright and librettist.

He rubbed shoulders with the likes of Beatles star John Lennon and
playwright Willy Russell.

In an interview with the Times newspaper in January he described his early
philosophy as ``If you think you can do it and you want to do it -- then
do it.''

His grandfather was a seaman from Mauritius who settled in Birkenhead
where Henri was born on April 10, 1932..

Unlike McGough and Patten, Henri chose to remain in Liverpool, turning his
back on the trendier London scene and saying there was nowhere he loved

He studied art in Newcastle, later going on to lecture in art at both
Manchester and Liverpool Colleges of Art. He was president of the
Merseyside Arts Association and Liverpool Academy of the Arts in the 1970s
and was made an honorary professor of the city's John Moores University
earlier this year.

He married twice, but had no children.

His numerous publications include ``The Mersey Sound,'' with McGough and
Patten, ``Wish You Were Here'' and ``Not Fade Away.'' He has exhibited his
art work across the country, and a collection of his work is currently
touring Wales.

Reuters/Variety REUTERS 

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