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Celebrity Deathwatch: Frank G. Slaughter, Novelist and Physician, 93


Frank G. Slaughter, novelist and physician, dead
May 23, 2001 Posted: 1:00 PM EDT (1700 GMT)

JACKSONVILLE, Florida (AP) -- Novelist and physician Frank G. Slaughter,
whose best-selling books often drew upon his medical knowledge, has died at
the age of 93.

Slaughter died Thursday in his sleep in his Jacksonville home where he had
lived for nearly 50 years.

All the while working as a physician, he published 62 books that sold 60
million copies, from 1941's "That None Shall Die" to "No Greater Love,"
which was published in 1985.

Several of his novels became films, including "The Warrior," made into the
1953 Rock Hudson film "Seminole"; "Sangaree," made into the 1953 film of
that name starring Fernando Lamas; and "Doctors' Wives," made into the 1971
film starring Dyan Cannon and Gene Hackman.

Other books by Slaughter included "Plague Ship," "Surgeon, U.S.A.," "The
Mapmaker" and "The Scarlet Cord."

He began writing in 1935 while a physician at Riverside Hospital in
Jacksonville, paying off a $60 typewriter at $5 a month. He rewrote the
manuscript of "That None Should Die," a semi-autobiographical story of a
young doctor, six times before Doubleday accepted it.

Although Slaughter had been bedridden in recent years, he continued to
dictate passages for a new novel into a tape recorder, said Renay Hunter,
his longtime housekeeper.

A native of North Carolina, Slaughter earned his bachelor's degree from
Trinity College (now Duke University) at 17 and went to medical school at
Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore.

Survivors include sons Randolph Slaughter of Cambridge, Massachusetts, and
Frank Slaughter Jr. of Pittsburgh.

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