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Horace A. ``Jimmy'' Jones, horse trainer, 94

Sunday September 2 8:05 PM ET 

Famed Horse Trainer Jones Dies

MARYVILLE, Mo. (AP) - Horace A. ``Jimmy'' Jones, who trained Citation to
the final two legs of the 1948 Triple Crown and saddled two Kentucky Derby
winners, died Sunday. He was 94. 

Jones died at St. Francis Hospital in Maryville, which released no other

Jones' training career started in 1926 and he retired in 1964, having won
54 stakes races and saddling seven champion horses. He was the country's
leading trainer five times (1947-49, 1957, 1961) and was the first trainer
to better the $1 million mark in purses. 

He was inducted into the National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in

Jones worked with his father, Hall of Famer Ben Jones, training their own
horses and working for Woolford Farm until 1939 when they moved to Calumet

Under the direction of the Joneses, Calumet Farm was the leading owner 12
times and leading breeder 14 times. Jimmy Jones later followed in the
footsteps of his father by becoming Calumet's head trainer. 

In 1948, Jimmy Jones stepped aside as the trainer of Citation to allow his
father to be named the colt's official trainer for the Kentucky Derby. Ben
Jones was attempting to match the record of H.J. Thompson, who had trained
four Derby winners. Citation did win and Ben Jones later won two more
derbys (1949 and 1952) and his six remain the record for a trainer. 

Jimmy Jones was named Citation's trainer for the Preakness and Belmont
Stakes, however, giving the Jones family the Triple Crown sweep. 

Jimmy Jones won the Kentucky Derby with Iron Liege in 1957 and Tim Tam in

Among the champions trained by Jones were Armed, Coaltown, Bewitch and Two

Jones retired from Calumet in 1964 to become Director of Racing at
Monmouth Park. 

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