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[Deathwatch] John Paul Getty II, billionaire , 70

Billionaire John Paul Getty Dies at 70

LONDON (Reuters) - Billionaire U.S. philanthropist John Paul Getty II
died at a London hospital Thursday at the age of 70, his doctor said in
a statement.

Getty, who developed a love of Britain bordering on the fanatical,
lived in the country for nearly 30 years and even built a replica of
London's Oval cricket ground at his 2,500-acre Wormsley Lodge estate in
southern England.

He was admitted to the London Clinic Monday with a recurrent chest
infection, Dr John Goldstone said.

"Sadly Sir Paul Getty passed away at 1040 a.m. today, Thursday," he
added in the statement.

Getty's multimillion-dollar donations to the Conservative Party, the
National Gallery, Lords Cricket Ground and the British Film Institute
came from his own pocket and revealed his abiding passion for cricket
and the arts.

Getty lived a life that was the stuff of legend, moving from oil tycoon
to drug addict and ultimately reclusive benefactor.

He became a Knight of the British Empire in 1986 and adopted British
nationality in 1998.