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[Deathwatch] Trevor Goddard, actor, 37

'JAG' Star Found Dead at Home, Possible Suicide

LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - Australian actor Trevor Goddard, who played Lt.
Cmdr. Mic Brumby on the long-running CBS series "JAG," was found dead
at his North Hollywood home of a suspected drug overdose, authorities
said on Monday.

Goddard's girlfriend discovered his body lying on a bed at about noon
on Sunday, Los Angeles County coroner's office spokesman Craig Harvey

A preliminary investigation indicated his death was a possible suicide
by an overdose of as-yet unknown "illicit, illegal" drugs, Harvey said.

Notes were discovered at Goddard's home, but investigators did not
characterize them as suicide notes, he said. "There was nothing in the
notes indicating that he meant to take his life," Harvey said. The
notes were addressed to a friend.

Investigators think Goddard died sometime after 9 p.m. on Saturday
after having a telephone conversation with a friend from his home,
Harvey said. An autopsy is set for Tuesday.

A former professional boxer, Goddard was "discovered" while competing
at a light-heavyweight bout and asked to appear in a series of beer
commercials, according to his Web site.

He built a career on portraying villains in many of Hollywood's top
action movies, including tough-guy Kano in New Line Cinema's "Mortal

He was best known to U.S. audiences from his recurring small screen
role as Mic Brumby on the military drama "Jag" from 1998 to 2001.
Goddard had just completed work on "Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of
the Black Pearl" with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom. 


"JAG" Actor Found Dead
Mon Jun 9, 7:40 PM ET
By Marcus Errico

Trevor Goddard, the Aussie actor best known for playing a Yank military
man on JAG, was found dead over the weekend in his apartment of a
suspected drug overdose.

The 37-year-old's death may have been a suicide, the Los Angeles County
Coroner's Office said Monday. An autopsy will be conducted Tuesday.

Authorities believe Goddard died late Saturday night. He had talked to
a friend on the phone around 9 p.m. and wasn't seen again until noon
the following day, when his girlfriend found his body in a bed.

Although no suicide note was found, Goddard had apparently been
struggling through a divorce and custody battle over his two sons.

In a posting on the Officially Trevor Goddard Website
(www.trevorgoddard.com), a message attributed to "Wiseguy...Brother"
and titled "Trevor...In a Happier Place" says, "Trevor simply died of a
broken heart."

A former boxer, Goddard first made a splash in Hollywood playing the
heavy Kano in 1985's Mortal Kombat. A string of mostly forgettable
C-grade movies and teleflicks followed until he landed on CBS' hit
military series JAG in the recurring role of Lieutenant Commander Mic
Brumby, a role he played from 1998 to 2001.

"We considered Trevor a member of the JAG family and are deeply
saddened by the news. Our condolences go out to his family, " the
show's producers said in a statement Monday.

Aside from JAG, Goddard's credits included the 2000 Nicolas Cage
vehicle Gone in Sixty Seconds, the 2001 TV movie When Billie Beat Bobby
with Helen Hunt and Ron Silver, and commercials for Hoover's Floor Mate
vacuum cleaner (as a strapping Aussie bushman with the catchphrase, "I
clean that floor, mate").

He recently finished working with Johnny Depp and Orlando Bloom on
Disney's would-be summer blockbuster Pirates of the Caribbean: The
Curse of the Black Pearl playing an undead buccaneer named Grapple. The
film opens July 11.