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[Deathwatch] Gabriella Ferri, Italian singer, 62

Thanks to a reader for this one - Ed.

Italian Singer Ferri Dies in Balcony Fall
Sun Apr 4
ROME - Gabriella Ferri, an Italian singer popular in Rome and in Latin
America, fell from the third-floor balcony of her home and died, her
family said Sunday. She was 62.

Family members, speaking on Italian state TV, denied reports the
62-year-old singer had committed suicide in the fall Saturday. In
comments to Italian media, they said she could have been ill, possibly
from anti-depression medication she was taking, and tumbled over the
balcony of the apartment in suburban Rome.

They said that only a day earlier she told them she was enthusiastic
about a recent invitation to appear soon on a television show.

Her career began at a Milan nightclub in 1963, and two years later
Ferri successfully broke into the Rome singing scene with a performance
based around popular Roman songs. In the 1970s she starred on several
popular TV shows.

One of her biggest hits was "Sempre" (Always).

Ferri had largely left the spotlight in Italy in the 1990s, but in
2000, she appeared on Italian TV again.

Although she concentrated on Roman songs, she also performed Neapolitan
and Latin American tunes.

After news of her death, some politicians urged Rome to name a piazza,
or square, after Ferri. A funeral service was scheduled for Thursday in
Rome, her native city, state TV said.