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[Deathwatch] Frank Morrison, former Nebraska governor, 98

Frank Morrison, former Neb. governor, dies

MCCOOK, Neb., April 19 (UPI) -- Frank Morrison, who served three terms
as governor of Nebraska and gave the state the idea for the Great
Platte River Archway, has died. He was 98.

Morrison died early Monday at a hospital in McCook, Neb. He had cancer
of the esophagus, Jean Galloway, Morrison's daughter, told the Omaha

Morrison, a Democrat, served three consecutive two-year terms as
governor of Nebraska from 1960-66. He had five unsuccessful tries for
statewide elected office before winning the governor's office the first

While governor, Morrison worked to upgrade the University of Nebraska,
with particular emphasis on agricultural and scientific research. He
said the most important legislation he signed involved the Education
Television Act, which led to the establishment of a statewide public
television network.

In the 1990s Morrison announced his idea for the Great Platte River
Road Archway, which crosses Interstate 80 near Kearney. Morrison
envisioned a monument to the westward movement and on July 16, 2000,
dedicated a 50,000-square-foot building that arches over the highway.

Morrison was born May 20, 1905, in Golden, Colo., and lived in Kansas
before he accepted an invitation from an aunt to move to Lincoln, Neb.,
where he also attended the Nebraska College of Law.

Morrison's death comes about a month after the death of his wife of 57
years, Maxine Morrison. Survivors include a daughter and two sons.